I am writing to recommend Brian Jaeger for the Communications Website Management opening with MPS. Having worked with Brian over the past ten years on various IT projects, he continues to amaze me on his skills and knowledge on what is needed and expected of websites in today’s world.



As a teacher, Brian was the only person I could talk to who understood what I truly needed for technology in my classroom. He and I worked closely, bouncing off ideas on one another, to find creative solutions on tight budgets. He discovered unique ways to incorporate sites such as Youtube into his class before Youtube was a teaching tool. He found ways to provide students with streaming access of his class and recordings of his class, essentially flipping much of his material years prior to this being a fad. He knows what teachers need and want and is one of the best people I know to find and create these solutions. On top of it all, Brian so easy to work with; and his patience with less knowledgeable staff makes him an ideal person for a district resource.


Outside of school, I was lucky enough to capitalize on Brian’s talents and I asked him to help me create and design Innovative School Funding, an online webstore designed as a fundraising tool for schools. To do this, Brian sat down and quickly taught himself advanced coding skills such as CSS, Javascript and HTML5. Whenever a new quirk came up do to changing host profiles, Brian could quickly find and resolve the issue. Over the past six years of running my website, we have only been down only once for a few hours. That is truly amazing considering we receive over 800 unique visitors per month.


Brian has worked with developers across the nation while he was building Innovative School Funding and now Educabana.com, a portal for teacher tools. In creating these company sites he incorporates multiple coding languages, embeds strict security measures, adds his creative flair to make the sites appealing and has helped us create a nationwide resource for public and private schools.


I have told many people about Brian and his innate abilities with computers and website design. I am fortunate to work with Brian. Few people could be so easy to work with and able to accomplish so much in a short amount of time. He is truly an exceptional candidate for your opening.



Mickey Chavannes