I have known Brian Jaeger about ten years now through various activities and projects. 

He and I have worked together on several internet and marketing jobs during that time.  He has also helped me promote my businesses through the development of websites and marketing programs.



  • Since 2006 Mr. Jaeger has helped me develop, build, maintain and promote the website baseballmilwaukee.com which has attracted over 1 million unique visitors since that time.  This has directly led to the growth of the Milwaukee Baseball League from eight teams to twenty teams during that time frame.  Currently, the league is being absorbed by a new league being formed by the developer of The Rock Sports Complex in Franklin, who was partially motivated to build a sports facility with baseball a core component due to the success of the Milwaukee Baseball League – which was owed in no small part to the web branding.
  • Mr. Jaeger has helped develop, build, maintain and market websites for my insurance firm, Wisquote.com Insurance Services, LLC.  My firm has grown to the point where I have hired new employees and agents.  The website is currently being redeveloped to handle the increased traffic and a new business strategy.
  • Mr. Jaeger has helped develop, build, maintain and market websites for my investment firm, Bluemound Asset Management, LLC.  This has helped me develop a brand as a local investment advisor with national credentials and grow my practice in the direction I wanted to grow.


In knowing Brian now for an extended period a few things stand out to me.  First, he is extremely intelligent and forward looking.  He is not only good at delivering on expected outcomes, but also at anticipating future needs.  He is as conscientious of a person as I have met.  Mr. Jaeger is extremely hard working and efficient, a good combination in a fast paced world.  Above all else, he is one of the most ethical people I believe I know.


If you would like to discuss Mr. Jaeger’s performance working with me, please feel free to call.





Kirk Spano