From the perspective of a high school teacher, I know all too well that students do not want to be there, performing tasks they feel are worthless or mundane. However, I know Brian Jaeger's unique sense of teaching style is able to capture many of his students, changing this negative conception and allowing them to break free from writing constraints, new ideas and most of all, have fun while learning. This, in my opinion, is the most important part of  the teacher/student relationship: to promote a a passion for a lifetime of learning. This is critical for our young people as they venture into the ever so changing world that requires that we all push ourselves to keep up, continue to learn and forever add value in our lives.


A recent study found that future careers will depend on a high creativity level. Brian has already surpassed this expectation and is light years ahead of us all. He is an innovator, he adds a multitude of value to any new challenge and uses creative and collaborative solutions. This is all done by his forward thinking of ideas with his expertise of knowledge in technology and in other skills and his willingness to share his tools and resources. 

Brian has helped develop, build and maintain the website and most recently started to develop He is very professional, has great command of the subject matter and above all, is patient with a novice such as myself. He is clear and concise and is willing to take the time to teach the tools needed to make my businesses a success. These are qualities that make Brian stand apart from the rest.

Brian has passion. People respond to people with passion and he is passionate about his work. A future employer would be fortunate to have him as an employee. It is with great confidence that I recommend Brian Jaeger for his dedication, passion, extreme intelligence, progressive thinking and high integrity.