If you've come here because you realize we've pre-built a site for you, then make sure you have a look around. This is a legitimate business. We are not using robots to build your sites...just time, effort, and skill. If you want the site, that's great, and let's talk. If you don't want the new site, we assume you have a good reason, and it probably means you've already hired someone else to build your new site. That's fine, too. There are no guarantees in this new venture for Passive Ninja, besides the guarantee that you can now get a better website for less than you imagined, without having to go through months of design and discussions. Without having to try to figure it all out for yourself.

Please, please, please look at the sites we've created. This is a new way of designing websites. The new sites are all subdomains of cureforthepain.com until they are bought, so you'll notice that domain name in a lot of the projects, but that's just temporary, like organizations continuing to use their old sites after they've seen the ones we've created.

More about the project on Satisfamily blog.