Cranium Chromebook Protector for Acer

I was hanging out with a friend the other day at a local watering hole when I noticed his white laptop cover. I asked what it was all about, since most people choose some trendy color or artsy design to protect their laptops. What he showed me was the Cranium Hard Screen Protector for 11.6" Acer C720 C720p C740 Chromebook Laptop. It's much more than a trendy, bulky, plastic add-on. Unlike most covers and cases, this screen protector does its job, costs very little, and even has a use beyond its original purpose.

First, I wanted to see if it protected the screen. Keep in mind that this protects the screen from bending and breaking, and it's not sold as a glass cover. That's a whole different kind of product: a clear plastic film that covers your screen. The Cranium adheres to the back of the screen. Yes, adheres, as in permanently. I asked him why, and the answer was that it's a product developed by a teacher for school use, and students will pull apart anything that isn't bolted down or glued on. That makes sense. So this product is a permanent solution, but at under $20, it's the only solution you'll need.

The screen absolutely did not bend when I grabbed it by the screen to pick it up. I've used these Chromebooks before, and I know the screens bend all over the place. Then my friend did something that surprised me: he smashed the laptop against the side of the table. A few people looked over at us. That's right, he smacked it hard, and then went back to surfing the internet. I've never seen another product meant to protect a laptop that I'd do that to, since most of those products protect be being another layer of cheap plastic to crack first. But the Cranium is PVC and aluminum. And it works.

If you have an Acer 720 or 740, you owe it to your Chromebook to use your cranium and get the Cranium. If you just plan on it to be part of your school supplies, it's a deal, since the whiteboard is worth about $3 on its own, even before you get the strongest screen protector available.