I recently had the opportunity to substitute teach in a school district deeply entrenched in using Chromebooks buried in giant briefcases. Since I knew about Cranium Chromebook Hard Case Protectors, I thought the exhibition was quite humorous. The taxpayers might not agree, since these briefcase covers run $15 to $30. I hoped the ones being used in the school I was in were several years old, since they looked it, but I got the impression they were not all that old.

What I surmised was that this school knew the Chromebooks needed to be protected and bought something that would get the job done, never thinking about wear and tear or transportation. Not only were the briefcase covers falling apart, but they were also secondary to a backpack for nearly every student, at least those students who bothered to bring materials to class. So, instead of students carrying around less, most of them had more junk. This meant at least one Chromebook left in my room daily. Kids fumbling around with backpacks. No room for all the items being carried from room to room.  

Oh yeah, the foam-lined briefcases did work, but they could not do much during the half-dozen times I saw Chromebooks escaping onto tables without protection. And hooking up power cords or other peripherals was as difficult as changing the diaper of a squirrely two year-old. 

After working with Chromebooks as a teacher two separate ways, I can tell you using the giant case works better than just having a padded carrier that does nothing to surround the fragile screen. 

The best protection might be a combination of several hard and soft case covers, but no single cover does more than the Cranium by Educabana.com to protect a Chromebook. And it's a white board, which I would have used several times while teaching a business class for a few weeks. The Cranium is just better. 

Get it on Amazon for your Acer. Get it direct from Educabana if you have a Samsung, Dell, CTL, or other flavor of Chromebook. Read another article about how to handle Chromebooks here.