Passive Ninja was not going to design a site for Midwest Quarterback Camps. The job was a quick WordPress tutorial, which we completed. Everything was fine, and then something weird happened: the site blew up. It might have been because of a change in ownership/administrator on the site, which I did not change, but seemed to have happened. This led to the paid theme being turned off. And all of the content went missing. All of the spam comments were still there, however. Yes, the whole site could have been restored with a backup from the hosting company, but that seemed to be a problem, too. Instead of wasting time waiting for the host to get a backup restored, Passive Ninja built a new site to replace the old one. Now, this was done to be a temporary replacement, mainly because the timing was such that MWQB Camps needed the site because camps were being confirmed and needed to be advertised. 

Within three days, a new website was up and running. At around the same time, the WordPress site magically came back. The only problem was that the new site was just way better than the old one, and it's hard to go back to something not as good when something better is available. The new site got rid of published email addresses, added optimized images on several pages, and basically looks the part of the best football camp in the Midwest, which was the goal. The site was built with no obligation, but a business is always obliged to make the right choice. If your website is in need of a minor update or a major rebuild, Passive Ninja can handle the job. Even if it's not the job we're looking for.