After visiting Zion Lutheran Church and School in Corvallis, Oregon, followed by Hope Lutheran Church and School in Shawnee, KS, I can tell you that a web presence is not all about a website. Both of these organizations have adequate to good websites, yet there are still improvements to be made.

Zion Lutheran - Corvallis, OR

Hope Lutheran - Shawnee, KS

Both Zion and Hope have decent websites and updated content. I could identify small issues with each website, but that might seem like nitpicking. The main improvements for both Zion Corvallis and Hope Shawnee are from the outside: make sure you have positive ratings, make sure you have uploaded images and videos, and make sure you link out from other websites to help control the flow of information.

We cannot control online searches, but we can control, to some extent, what those searching will find as available content. If you make it a point to figure out all the ways others might search for your organization or stumble across a related search, you can start to write content that works for you. For example, both Zion and Hope run schools. How might an article JUST about school in Corvallis or school in Shawnee help these schools? Same goes for church. While it's often very useful to be specific, if Zion or Hope can get on Page 1 of Google because of an article about church in general so that the terms "church Corvallis" or "church Shawnee" direct someone to an article on their websites, they win.

Keep all that in mind as you continue to write. Fifty articles about Hope Lutheran Shawnee Lions basketball do will certainly corner the market on information about that subject, but that ends up being a lot of effort for one specific niche search. Think about the other searches that you can try to capture with the same effort.

Rinse and repeat.