If you have one really good item to sell, Amazon Seller is fairly easy to use, especially if you have many variations. I help sell the Cranium Chromebook Hard Case Protector for a friend, and he had me create the Amazon listing. Sure, there are a lot of parts to fill out, but it's not much more than a Craigslist ad, and you'll have more eyes on the item. Also, it seems more professional than ebay without costing any more initially. In fact, if you don't plan on selling huge numbers, the free option is jut fine, and it's free.

Just like other websites that handle money for you, Amazon will want your bank and tax information. The listing has to have an image with a white background, which can be a pain, and it has to meet specific sizing guidelines, but it's all stuff you can do with GIMP or similar photo editors. You will also need to purchase UPC numbers. Get them used, meaning sold from a big chunk bought by a larger company. You cannot sell these items in a physical store, but you can sell on Amazon. That's all the complicated stuff.

Amazon has forms to fill out for each listing. You might skip over a lot of it, as not everything is relevant. In the end, your listing might look something like this one for a Cranium for Acers.

The cool part is that if you have another model, it does not require a whole new listing, which makes things go pretty quick. In fact, my listing for the Cranium for the Lenovo N22 took me about 15 minutes, as I copied the Acer ad and edited the parts that needed to be changed. The images all have to be uploaded again, and you have to remember all the areas of the forms that had another computer name, but it's less than 20 minutes. If you have an item like ours, then it's not hard to have variations like this. I believe pro sellers get the little dropdown menu option for variations, or else it's only in certain categories, but it's just as well to have a specific ad that targets a specific audience.

The best advice is just to try it out. Amazon will monitor you to make sure it's the lowest price on its website, so be aware of that when it comes to margins, especially since you're paying a percentage of sales for the advertising. And Amazon likes items to be shipped out quickly, so you might want some inventory first. That said, your small-time homemade item has the potential to be in homes all over the country.