Everyone wants Chromebooks. Passive Ninja websites can be updated using Chromebooks, and Google Drive works well for most people. So why not slap some metal on one and call it Pro? Well, maybe you already have a perfectly serviceable Chromebook. Maybe you don't want to pay the $100 premium to have the little guy. When people contact us about building a new website, we often suggest they just add an updated theme or template to their existing CMS. Less business for us, perhaps, but also the right thing to do. Similarly, if you don't really need a Chromebook made of chrome, then you can just slap a nice protector over your current Chromebook. Try the Cranium by Educabana.

The Cranium will protect like metal because it is aluminum and PVC. It's also a whiteboard. We are not sure if the Samsung Chromebook Pro can act as a whiteboard, but it's not white, so it would be more of a silver board. For less than $20, you can basically have a Chromebook Pro. If you want to outfit the whole company, college, or school district with these covers, please contact Educabana directly.

If you are in the market for a new Chromebook, maybe you want the slick new version with a swivel cover and stylus. In the end, it's still just the most expensive version of the best deal in laptops.