Just because I'm good with computers and can build websites, that does not mean I know how to invest my money. Whether you're a fellow freelance web designer or a small business owner who has stumbled across this website looking for something to help your own endeavors, I can promise you that I will not be giving you specific advice about global trends in stock prices. However, if you are an independent thinker who wants to save a whole lot of your own money and take control of your own future, then I can direct you to someone who does know about the financial world. His name is Kirk Spano, and he runs Fundamental Trends.

Kirk does not control the fundamental trends, but he does analyze them in order to help you. The basic idea is that you join the website and get research meant to direct you and your money. If you don't want control over your own investments, then hire a large corporation to handle the whole thing. If you think you can do just as well as the hot shots (you can), and you want to put a little time and effort into becoming a wise investor, then Fundamental Trends is a good place to start. The people paying Kirk for his articles are the people who pay for memberships, not some large investment firm trying to get your money out of your wallet. If you prefer those folks, they're all around. An honest writer is hard to find on most websites, and no one gives free advice, especially when it comes to investing large sums of money.

I'd rather pay an expert for the research I would have to sift through in order to manage my investments. I'd also rather do the investing myself. If you're like me, then you should check out Fundamental Trends. If you're like my dad, then you'd rather pay someone to do all of it for you, never meet with the guy, and then act surprised when all your money disappears. Or you could decide to be one of those clients who calls all the time and complains even more, but that also will not help you make more money with poor investments. The best method to take control of your financial future is to do it yourself, using the best resources available, and Kirk over at Fundamental Trends is one of those resources.