In looking at local websites, I have concluded that many restaurant websites tend to be way behind others. I have a theory that this has to do with menus and misguided content management.

Menus are often fairly static. They change once a year. If a website houses a menu and not much else, it seems restaurant owners are mostly fine with leaving it look the same year after year. Menus are also often linked out from the original website to some national service. When a restaurant pays a lot of money to link out like this, there is little incentive to keep the local website updated.

Content management is NOT about the changes to your lunch menu. A CMS works best when it can archive articles that continue to bring people to the website. It's like a restaurant that has ambiance and friendly service as well as food. Food is what people say they come for, but the other elements are what determines whether those folks will return.

Don't waste your time writing and rewriting the About Us page over and over. Write about the Valentine's Day special each Valentine's Day. And the donation you made to a Little League team. And the employee of the month. A few sentences each. Within a year or two, you will have the most read local restaurant website, and people will think you care and they matter.