When I moved to Jacksonville, FL, I wanted to find a website that could help me find my way. Maybe a website that provided reviews and articles about the local lifestyle. Research and opinion. I know, the main newspaper would provide some of that, but I just don't care as much about the city's latest violent crime as maybe I should. Like any larger city, there's some of the calendar of events kind of websites. And there's mom forums. Nextdoor and Facebook, and all that. None of it what I wanted it to be. That's when you can fill your own local void, which is what I did with New Jax Witty.

It doesn't matter that there are a dozen similar websites, and it doesn't matter that those websites are run by true locals or journalists. My goal is to write articles that stay relevant for a long time (evergreen) and that help others in the process. If people like what they read, they might want to know more about me and my business. If not, I still got to throw my opinion out there for the rest of the world to see. Give it a try in your own community, whether it's for business or pleasure.