I've seen a few local ads for lawyers in Jacksonville with this disclaimer at the end: "Offices, Jacksonville." It's probably important for people to know that the person who will be representing them in court and possibly in front of a jury is a local resident. This can carry over to other businesses, too, like real-estate agents or car salesmen. You want to trust people when you're making a big purchase. Even though Passive Ninja can work from anywhere, if you're looking for a local web designer in Jacksonville, Florida, then that's the place to which we've relocated. 

We've noticed that websites in Jacksonville tend to fall into two categories: those that are pretty good (probably cost a lot) and those that need to be fixed because they are hurting the business. If you've already paid a boutique web designer the money, then make sure you use your investment. Expect the designer to make small changes (or big changes if the website isn't yet mobile-friendly). While these websites aren't really much different from what we do, we don't begrudge firms that can figure out a way to pay an entire staff to help build fairly simple websites. We are happy that people are employed in the Jacksonville area, and we are sure that you are happy to pay for offices and boat payments for those who have helped you with your internet marketing. At Passive Ninja, we don't have offices or a boat, so you're just paying for our time. 

If you live near Mayport or the Beaches, we're close enough to pay you a visit. It's not common for it to be necessary, since our websites are built for ease-of-use, but we can stop by and discuss the plans, even if you're down as far as St. Augustine. All of Duval County is within reach, as well as cities in Nassau, Baker, Union, Clay, and St. Johns. We're new, so we're not sure what's in these other counties, but we can meet and find out. 

I know, you've heard the quotes of other website builders in the area. That's not what we charge. We realize you have a real option to build the website yourself, but we'd rather do it for you, starting at around $500. Most sites cost under $1500, and that's with almost any option you can imagine. It's free to contact us to find out more. 

The number is not local to Jax, but we're over in Arlington, waiting to hear from you.