Has anyone told you to establish a partnership with a non-competing local business? Or a non-competing business outside your local area? I can't go into why partnering with Passive Ninja is great for every business, but I can offer a few examples why you might want to consider such a partnership.

First, there's no risk. Passive Ninja recommends your automotive service for anyone looking. You suggest other small business owners you know could hire Passive Ninja. You don't guarantee our work, and we don't guarantee yours, but we make business happen for one another.

Next, you have the opportunity to work with another company adept at directing traffic your way. Passive Ninja runs and maintains many sites, and those owners might also be interested in using your service or cross-linking online. As our business grows, so does your reach. You can use all the marketing tools you want to direct people to your site, but it never hurts to have a few free links out there.

You can also appear more knowledgeable than you really are. Maybe you don't really know how to do something when it comes to websites or technology, but now you have a guy. Our business might not know specifically about tool and die, but we've got a guy, too. The shared knowledge can make all of us better at what we do and more savvy online, leading to being more respected as businesses.

Probably the best part about establishing relationships is cost. It's totally free. We don't even have to be the ones who built your websites. You don't have to be the ones who worked on our roof. It's just getting our collective small business messages out there.