While Passive Ninja can look at your website and help optimize for SEO, we also realize that one of Google's goals over the years has been to eliminate the importance of SEO. Think about it: the goal of a search engine is to find the best content, while the goal of the SEO specialists is to trick the search engines into thinking the best content has been found.

How should you approach SEO? Create the best content, especially if it's in a niche and can be relevant for a long time. Then you have no reason to try to trick Google. In fact, once you get used to writing the best content and having the best website available for that content, you will hope and pray that Google finally figures out how to finally negate the effect of SEO specialists.

Even if you really need to get a #1 ranking in Google, so you still want to hire an SEO specialist, the advice from Passive Ninja is to still have good content on a good website. Once people find you, you should be ready for them to find you.