This FREE website assessment is for Overland Photo Supply at The business is located in Overland Park, Kansas.


This website appears to have been built with some kind of Yahoo website builder. I would guess the basic framework is roughly a decade old. I saw some reference to Geocities, which was kind of a free website building template similar to Angelfire and others. Using this older framework means that it's a fairly static page that does not perform as well with search engines as it could. I assume it's kept as is because of the free or cheap hosting.


This website is not mobile-friendly, according to Google. That's another strike against pages appearing in searches and in real people deciding to check this business out. With over half of all local searches on mobile devices, it certainly hurts to have a website that cannot be accessed well with a phone. I confirmed the impossibility of using this website's menus on my phone. Here's what Google's test results said:

  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Viewport not set
  • Text too small to read
  • Content wider than screen

 Other Concerns

Without a news or blog section, the content is static, even if new items are added. As a photo enthusiast myself, I'd expect to see some articles about photography. The price lists could be great to see on a mobile device, and I like the fact that they are available, but the website ends up being no more than a catalogue. That's great for repeat customers, but not so great if looking to use the power of the internet to get found by new customers. I can see a lot of work has gone into the catalogue, but it's not nearly as useful as it could be. Also, the fact that Google HAS indexed the categories means that building it all over again from scratch might actually be a bad idea. I'd try to fit new categories in the exact same place on a new website.

I'd also use a contact form instead of posting emails. I was able to scrape all the emails from the site, and that means spammers are sending messages as often as real customers. Interactive maps are much more useful than a photo of a map, too.

An ancient website makes a business appear to be closed or in danger of closing. However, it's pretty simple to use a new website and copy and paste the tables to work on mobile, more like Midwest Quarterback Camps. However, if a client is looking for a catalogue, using a catalogue component can make each article an item for sale, like on Urban Laundry's future website. Passive Ninja can do whatever it is you want done with a website, but we always recommend economical alternatives. No matter what, we make the website modern and mobile-friendly.

I went to the store and bought an item, and I plan on it being my photo store. It's modern enough and laid out well inside the store, and that's what customers also expect of a website.