This is a free website evaluation for Rimann Liquors of Lenexa, KS, at The purpose is to help community members realize their online potential. 


This website is built with, which means it's probably more difficult to update than necessary. It also means that there are ways to update it properly that seem to have been ignored.


This website is not mobile-friendly. With over 50% of local searches being done on mobile devices, it's a problem when a store has a non-mobile website. As someone who searches for liquor stores myself, I simply don't bother if the website is not usable to find what I need to find. I suppose website designers are kind of website snobs that way, but it's likely that several customers a week are frustrated by an outdated website. Here's a link to the Google test results. Google also ranks your website lower if it's not mobile-friendly.

Other Concerns

There's a newsletter sign-up, and that's probably a good idea to do some email marketing. However, that same marketing can be done with articles on the website. Just copy and paste the newsletter articles to the website in a category, and then Google can find all those bits of information for customers, maybe without any coupons or other deals added.

The Cocktail Club mentions something from June of some year. Another article has a link to something from 2011, but we assume the article itself is current. However, it can really be as simple as having a category with articles that are written monthly, and then people don't have to guess or see stuff from eight months ago. Most of this has little to do with the CMS being used, but there should really be links to all old articles, especially ones with local flavor or with recipes.

The copyright at the bottom of the page is 2011, and that's kind of where many readers might think this website still exists. Time capsules are cool and all, but maybe it's time to get that website up to date.