Sites are hosted on Lunarpages. This is a secure, reliable host. Scheduled updates to your Joomla install and add-ons are provided as part of the hosting fee.



Domain Name

If you bought it yourself, you can have Passive Ninja work on your host or point it to our host and save some money. If you have yet to purchase your domain, Passive Ninja uses bulk buying to keep prices low.


Custom Form

Instead of using Google or Survey Monkey, Passive Ninja can create a custom form that integrates into the site. Collect customer information as one of your contact pages. Use the component to create as many other forms as you want.



Newsletter Component

Passive Ninja will set up a free newsletter component and show you how to send professional newsletters instead of boring emails. Customers can sign up or opt out without you ever touching the database, and you can add members manually, as well.



Social Web

User profiles can be people, products, places, or more. You can provide interaction and collaboration between employees or customers.



Shopping Cart / Subscriptions

Simple yet powerful Paypal integration to sell items or subscriptions to your site.



A la Carte Components

Most a la carte components, plugins, modules, or add-ons run about the same amount of time and effort to install. Passive Ninja finds, purchases, installs, and configures the component. Prices listed are good faith estimates.



Social Media Pages

Your Google+ page cannot sit there with one poor review. Your Facebook business page needs to direct people to your real home page. Your Linkedin Company page (yes, they exist, and you need one) should be another professional extension of you, like your Twitter account. No, you don't need all of these. And no, Passive Ninja will not Tweet FOR you, but you need SOME of the pages. You also need some instant traffic, and Passive Ninja can provide this, as well. Sure, you can do these yourself, but you may not want to.




Lead time of two weeks is necessary on all projects. A meeting or exchange of emails will take place, and several options will be discussed. Next, a proposal will be created, a down payment made, and then the site will be built.The work is guaranteed to be what is agreed upon and without errors in spelling. Passive Ninja will fix problems until we get it right.

Rush jobs can be arranged at a higher rate. Pay is based on the job, not on the number of hours. However, Passive Ninja may quote an hourly rate on smaller projects.

This is a page set up to stop spam while allowing customers to send you a message. Passive Ninja will set up a contact page with relevant information and a form. If you need more, that can also be arranged. Each company has its own preferences who should be included as a contact for the outside world.

Royalty-free images to be used as part of the design. More can be used, but the main page should have some image to elicit interest.

You probably want at least one email address tied to your own domain. You may prefer gmail or personal emails for most of your communications at work, but Passive Ninja can set you up with dedicated email addresses.

Each customer has different needs. You might want to show videos in content or use an image slider. You might want an audio player or a user menu for logged in customers.  The prices here include the number of plugins listed, but more can be purchased. This might also include like buttons or comment components.

This would be defined as separate places a user can navigate to. However, content is independent of this number, so you can publish as many "articles" as you want. If you want a simple blog with all of the articles on the main page, that's what a Basic package would include. However, most businesses like to categorize content.

You can go to a web development shop and get great results for many thousands more, or you can try a do-it-yourself drag-and-drop site for a bit less, but then we'll be waiting for your call later.

Passive Ninja is an in-house, family-run operation: it's literally run in our family house. We pay excellent UI developers, CSS and HTML gurus, Javascript experts, front-end and back-end specialists, and all of the other people you would pay for yourself if you get a "professional custom" site created by a firm in a downtown office. The only difference is that the professionals Passive Ninja employs sell us their superb creations to re-sell, so it's semi-custom. By the way, our pros also maintain their creations, and Passive Ninja passes those updates on to you. Before you spend too much and regret the purchase or spend too little and waste your time, let us know what you're looking for. Contact us or call today so that we can help.