Schools want sites that provide the key information for students, teachers, parents, and the community. Schools do not need to be bogged down with components teachers do not need or webmasters do not update.


Passive Ninja can provide a modern, simplified design with an integrated or separate news component. Speaking of news, have us install a newsletter component that will keep contacts up to date with pertinent information.

While Passive Ninja cannot integrate every aspect of a large school district website, we can work with you to create a site that provides spam-free contact information and even profiles for teachers. Sure, you might not have the worst education site in the country, but if you have a five year-old Wordpress or other CMS site, it's probably time to move forward.

As an added bonus to working with Passive Ninja, education sites come with a free Educabana (formerly Innovative School Funding and Parish Funding) fundraising website that will generate constant, passive income without having to go door-to-door or use your students as child laborers for some mega fundraising corporation. Even if you're not on this site to upgrade your district's website, check out the Amazon fundraising program and other educational services over at Educabana.