Maybe you're just starting out and are wondering if it's worth paying a professional to help you with your public image. Maybe you've been playing gigs for years and you're looking to take the next big step. Maybe you want your dad to think you're doing something big so he stops bugging you. No matter where you are in your musical career, Passive Ninja can help.


Whether you want to connect with your fans using a blog or sell your latest song, a real, personalized website works better than Facebook or a page on some kind of music website. Besides, do you know who technically owns your content when you post to those sites? Social media should be used BY YOU as tool to get fans for you, not as a way for that social media site to use you to get people to see its ads. Then again, maybe you are only in it so that you can make money for billionaires.

When you're ready to be a legitimate act, then you're ready for Passive Ninja. You can always start small, just to make sure you get the domain you want, and then add more later. In fact, your own website with your own domain and a few pictures of yourself would cost less than $1000, and it's the exact same base structure as the mega-sites we've created that house thousands of content items and hundreds of users, so it grows with you.