I know, if you want to start a blog, you don't have to get your own domain or use a powerful content management system because it's overkill. However, when your blog becomes the one in a million, moneymaking cash cow because you're the only authority in the world who writing about homemade Christmas ornaments from 19th century Minnesota, then you'll wish you'd gotten a simple blog earlier.

If you just want others to read what you have to say, post to forums or Facebook, or you can "work for" Hubpages or Wikihow. Just keep in mind that wherever your writing gets sent, that's who owns the writing. You might be able to create a following at these sites and then set up your own blog, but I would say that most of the authors on most of the freelance kind of sites are trying to make it big on those sites, and that's not easy to do. One of my friends was telling me about the people who followed him and respected his reviews about beer on some phone app he had. I felt sad for him, a decent writer, who was bound to be lost in obscurity as a beer reviewer as he was also being used by the makers of the app. I told him that someone somewhere was probably trying to figure out a way to use his content to make money for some company.

If you started out on blogger or blogspot and realize nobody considers those to be real websites, but you still have a great body of work you want others to see, then get your own blog. If you're just starting out and aren't sure how big your idea will be, get a blog. Make sure you think of a good domain name and some idea of how to break even with the following recurring fees: hosting and domain name renewal of about $120 per year. Probably one ad from a local store in your niche area would cover the costs. With a Passive Ninja-built Joomla blog, you're ready to expand when blogs about favorite Beanie Babies begin getting the respect they deserve (and you'll have your whole collection to sell).