Whether you run a Fortune 500 financial institution or daytrade in your basement, you can capitalize on the interest others have in making money by producing your own webpage. If you can provide relevant content that brings readers in, then you can allow Passive Ninja to handle the rest, which includes all the subscriptions you'll receive from your dedicated following. If you're a financial guru who does well with numbers but not words, just try sending out a newsletter once a quarter for a year. Your clients will appreciate the effort, even if all you do is recap numbers. If you want to reach new clients and have a place for current customers to interact with you, then a website is the next logical step.


A financial advising website can act as a clearinghouse for your ideas or the place from which you predict your next top buys. Passive Ninja can make the content public, private for your paid users, or a mix that encourages subscriptions. You don't have to take on clients, talk about your own investments, or sell anything at all. Even if you just want clients to give you a call or stop by, a professionally-designed website provides an online business card, if nothing else, and you don't want Linkedin,  Facebook, or your decade-old webpage to represent you online, unless, of course, you don't think appearance plays a role in financial advising.