Passive Ninja has worked with churches and has researched what churches need in a website. Your church needs a site that can be updated by staff and volunteers alike, one that has a modern responsive design, and one that can grow with the church. Church websites are perfect candidates for Joomla with Community Builder so that your ministries, staff, and even members have very powerful profiles.

Your church needs a website that can be updated by multiple members and staff. Joomla sites can be configured to allow individualized access to any part of the site for viewing or editing. Mrs. Mayberry can write about new members because she's a volunteer to do so, but she doesn't need to be able to edit staff members' articles or locations of items on the frontpage. However, Deacon Dennis needs to be able to edit all articles and page design elements in order to maintain the appropriate look and feel (and because it's his job). Of course, Passive Ninja can also integrate your Google Calendar into the site so that all those people are on the same page.

Your church needs a modern responsive design. If your site is several years old, it's likely not responsive. If nothing else, it looks awful on a tablet or mobile device. The answer is not to pay someone to develop and app. People do not want apps for your church, but they will visit your website, and they will be on tablets or phones. We understand if you just spent several thousand dollars on a newer site and don't want to spend more, but you cannot allow your website to fall behind the times or that church from across town's site.

Your church is looking to grow, and one way you can help it expand it to have site that is ready for growth. This is not some Facebook page, Youtube channel,  boring and limiting template, and it's certainly not a page that becomes impossible to update when a member leaves for another church. What percentage of new members do you think check out your website before visiting? Probably 100%. Really. All of those people will see your website as their first impression. If you want to grow, your homepage has show you're ready. Once they join, a site designed by Passive Ninja is also ready to expand. You can create profiles for your staff, and you can expand those profiles to ministries, volunteers, or all members. You can control who sees what, and you can even eliminate cumbersome member databases.