john baho in londonPhotos online should load fast and fit the page properly. 
Passive Ninja is adept at using photo editing software to display images online. Sometimes the Office Photo option is the best for a simple compression, but Adobe or Gimp can also be employed. Depending on the theme, photos can be tinted or made into black and white. 


Passive Ninja also employs a Canon 60D for any custom photo work. You don't want an out-of-focus, grainy picture of your business taken with a smartphone

All websites can be fitted with a simple image gallery that allows users to view larger versions of the pictures you have. 


You might want custom GIF images like these:

 ... or those might really annoy you.

You want full-width magic?


 Whatever your photo need, Passive Ninja is on the job, even if it includes doctoring a photo to make you seem more worldly.

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Inline Frame