Passive Ninja has used video in order to entertain and inform. Videos can be produced using existing programs like Windows Moviemaker, but other programs with more capabilities can also be used. (iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Avidemux, WeVideo, etc.)


Your site may or may not require video. Generally, Youtube is the recommended means by which we communicate with video. You can limit the viewers to those who visit your site (unlisted) or you can publish it for the world to see. Passive Ninja may use Youtube to publish a video tutorial for using your site, just as you might want to create a product tutorial. We can produce videos or just embed one you've already created. 

Here are a few examples of work Passive Ninja has done using nothing more than Windows Moviemaker or other free products: 


An ad for a school talent show

A short study guide for Antigone

An example of a mashup video

A video for school about creative expression

A video poem




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