is a website that consolidates information about baseball in and around Milwaukee, which includes little league, high school, college, amateur, and pro teams. It is the former home of the Milwaukee Baseball League.


I designed BaseballMilwaukee a few times now. I helped build it as a Joomla 1.0 site, built the entire Joomla 1.5 site, and produced about half of the current Joomla 2.5+ site. My main job for the current rebuild was to get the archives from the 1.5/1.0 sites to work in a new site. This is not always an easy job. If you have an older Joomla site and are trying to figure out how to update, let me give it a shot rather than just giving up on the content (or paying someone to manually transfer thousands of articles).

The person I work with on BaseballMilwaukee wants desperately to make a little ad money from the traffic, which explains the many ads currently on the site. I know it's had over a million views in the several years I've worked on it, but he can't figure out the best way to monetize the site. Passive Ninja can help you with ideas for making money on your site. However, it helps if you have a product or service to offer.