Passive Ninja designed an Opportunities to Serve page for the church as well as a demo site for their new home page. The Serve page was unique in that it used Community Builder in order to create profiles for each of the 100 or so ministries at the church.


These sites are 1.0 and 1.5 builds of Joomla. We are not updating them, and the church has gone in another direction, so they are not maintained at all. However, you can see the usefulness of a site like this: the church controls the ministries pages, which are basic templates that give pertinent information. Unlike many church ministries or school activities, which rely on Facebook and its format, this was a fully customized and searchable template for one church. The administrator has full control over updates and users from the same panel as the website controls. Also, the article content on the site is tied into the ministry pages so that content that drives viewers is on the site, not hosted by Facebook.

By any standards, the Serve site was a $10,000+ website (as a subdomain). We can build a similar site for you, or you can simply link articles to Facebook pages if it suits your needs better.

As with many clients, when the updating fell to others, the updating fell apart. Passive Ninja can create the best site for your money anywhere, but you will need to add content for the site to be as great as it can be.