InterchangeThe Interchange website and newsletter was created because of all the construction in the Zoo Interchange area of Milwaukee. However, similar community-based websites are useful and easy to update for passionate site members. Some interactive maps are used in order to help bring people together, though updated content is the key to maintaining interest. The best part is that it's an archive, not just a wall post bound to be painted over.


The Milwaukee Zoo Interchange project is annoying if you happen to live and do business in the area. I do both. I wanted to create a website that allowed me to show what I could do for community outreach while providing information for my neighbors. I also wanted those neighbors to see what I could do so that they might hire me as a designer.


This project was mostly about thinking of the right categories and links. The goal was to make it the go-to site for anyone living in the area to find information and opinions about the Zoo Interchange. I made some newsletters and distributed them as I was building the site.


The site is a good neighborhood website, but it takes more than one resident to maintain a site like this. While I did receive positive feedback, it did not provide any job leads or fellow writers for the content, so it exists mostly as another example of what Passive Ninja could do if you do have a strong community base. In fact, the site might appear as if many people played a role in its inception. If you are a concerned citizen looking to get some attention, we can build you a site that will do it. We just can't guarantee your neighbors will share your concern.