fundamental trendsFundamental Trends is my first website built from the ground up using Joomla 3 and Community Builder with CB Subs for subscriptions. The front page is mostly static content, though it does have some interesting animations. Coolest part is the subscription-based categories, which means publishing content only for those who have the right subscription.


The client wanted a site that would look professional and perform that way. He asked for the ability to provide subscriptions to content. This had been done before for the same client, but the older system was no longer supported, so the goal was to build the new site using Community Builder and their own subscription component. While purchasing a paid component to complete a job is often something to avoid, especially if you're unsure of the results, this particular job required CBSubs, so that's what we did.


The client wanted the site to look just like the fancy site he picked out, which meant a lot of special images and animations on the front page. He also asked for the ability to embed feeds and links to other sites. Finally, it had to function as a site that could take orders. This was a little bumpy at first because it was a new component for me and I had been given the wrong Paypal account email to use (if you set up a Paypal account with one email and then use it as a business with another email, it can get tricky setting up payments). The client understood that we were building a live site that would normally take months of beta testing and sandboxing in a couple of weeks, but he was also excited about getting it promoted and getting users signed up, so the project amounted to many long days.


The client made enough money to pay for the site after only a few days as a live site. Granted, the information he provides is more advanced than what many other clients I've worked with could provide, but the concept works for so many sites: find subscribers who value what you write and ask them to pay to see the content. The client, with a little help from Passive Ninja, also added a forum for discussions. He could do it with one of our basic sites, but there's nothing wrong with wanting a site that looks like you paid $10,000 for it and performs like you paid $100,000. In a couple of weeks.