voucher schoolWhether you lean left, report right, or just want to present the facts, Passive Ninja can design the site for your organization. Do you want to generate mailing lists? Do you want to promote your candidate? VoucherSchool.com is supposed to look at vouchers in schools from both sides, but you certainly don't have to do the same. Passive Ninja can help you find the right domain name and design the right website in order to present your message to the world without breaking the bank.


In the midst of losing my job as a teacher, partially because of voucher schools, I decided to see if I could find a good domain name that would allow me to voice my opinion. Voucherschool.com was available, and I could not pass it up.


Simple and basic. Pro, con, news, links, and some ads. The hope was for some people to read and learn.


The end result was to create a simple site with some information, but it was also to get in on a domain name that might be in demand. The site got lost in the shuffle and has been down for a while, but, like our education system, it will find new life.