man crush fan club

Passive Ninja knows that sometimes the inspiration is just there to go with an idea. Maybe you'll get rich off of it. Maybe you won't. Making websites should be about the content you're creating, not all the time you spend trying to get it to look right on a tablet or in Internet Explorer. You don't have to use your voice to say anything terribly important. You don't even have to say anything at all: if you want every article to be an image gallery or link to a Youtube video, that's totally up to you. ManCrushFanClub was one of those moments of inspiration for an aspiring screenwriter. If a website that costs less than $1000 and looks like this one gets someone a chance to write Hollywood movies, it's worth the risk.


I wanted to try out a new design, had an idea, and ran with it.


This design is all about the main page images. I found some excellent royalty-free photos, cropped them, and it looks great.


This is not a project I plan on maintaining longterm. I will probably let the domain name go and just keep the site as a subdomain to showcase a design.