mcnewsyIf you are an established author looking to create a subscription-based site or a new writer looking for a landing page to get you noticed, Passive Ninja is the right web designer for you. If you are willing to do the work of creating material and getting your name out there using social media, you want to have a professional page of your own for your fans. If you take writing seriously, then you must take how others perceive you seriously, as well. Yes, you should have an Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin profile. We can help with those if you need it, but all those profiles should be directing people to your own site with your own content and your own ads. Take a look at how McNewsy is set up, and then think about what you could do with a site like that.


A site that housed all of my writing was necessary as a storehouse for my files, a way to someday generate money from subscriptions, and a single domain from which to publish a feed to Amazon on my author page. McNewsy was a domain name that my friend and I found years ago while writing satire. It was not really used for a long time, even though it sounded so professional yet fast-foody. It was kind of a verbal metaphor for my writing.


I needed about three months to find and add all my content in order for this site to truly be the author site I had dreamed of creating. It certainly helped to have a component, Jxml, that allowed me to send items from other sites I'd worked on to McNewsy. In fact, if you have a content-heavy Joomla site you're looking to rebuild, you can either update and hope for the best, or build from scratch and send the old content using a plugin. My satire comes from articles I wrote for Real Wisconsin News, while my articles generally come from Satisfamily. I set up enough categories to direct readers without making it too overwhelming (or underwhelming when one category only has one article). I chose a fun design because most of the writing is fun.


The most frustrating part about this site was that I realized too late that I could create a subscription-based site that only allows readers to read a bit of the article. Instead, I went and deleted most of the content when I was creating my ebooks. I am slowly adding the content back to the site, hidden behind the subscription option (using CBSubs). Someday, maybe, hopefully, people will want to subscribe.